Spot the Springtime Flowers & Plants in Coombe Abbey Country Park

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We’re incredibly lucky to not only have our own beautiful gardens surrounding the hotel, but also the picturesque Coombe Abbey Country Park, which is just a hop, skip and a jump from our reception. And with the coming of spring and promise of summer, the very best of the park’s flowers are coming into bloom. So if you’re treating yourself to a visit to our neighbouring park, be sure to see how many these beautiful flowers and plants you’re able to spot.


Daffodil (narcissus)

An old favourite, but still as beautiful as ever. The daffodils in the park come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours, and coat the surrounding fields and forested corners with pops of yellow, gold and white during early spring.

Lambs ears (stachys byzantina)

The perfect company for any light-coloured flower, lambs ears are a non-flowering plant that be found throughout Coombe Abbey’s park. Green in colour, with a silvery white ‘fur’, they’re instantly recognisable and a sure sign that warmer days are coming.

Foxglove (digitalis)

With a bell-like shape, and a vibrant array of colours, foxgloves are one of our favourite wild flowers that can be found in the park. A real treat is to watch as bumble and honey bees sneak up into them to collect pollen – we love it.


Purple, pink, white, yellow and even a beautiful shade of peach, the park’s vinca flowers come in an array of wonderful colours, and these are just the tip of the flowery iceberg. These can be found nestled nicely in the flower beds surrounding our hotel, so be sure to search them out – they’re worth it.

Grape hyacinth (muscari)

With a deep indigo colour and small berry-like flowers, grape hyacinth really stand out in the vast forested areas of Coombe Abbey’s park. They pop-up in most places, so we’re sure you and your family will spot these during your visit.


Settled next to the tall daisies, buttercups and towering grass blades, yellow and red poppies can be found on the grassy verges close to the ponds and wood. If you look over to the neighbouring farms, you might even spot one or two amongst the golden hay.


Have you made a note of these wonderful flowers and plants?  Whether you’re staying in one of our beautiful bedchambers or stopping by for a day trip, a wander around Coombe Abbey Country Park is a must. And if you do spot any of these, be sure to share your photos with us on Facebook.


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