Valentine’s Day Engagement? Here Are 4 Things You Can Expect Next

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Valentine’s Day is the most romantic time of the year, best spent enjoying getaways with your love, and one-of-a-kind experiences you’ll never forget. Another brilliant way of celebrating this special day is by proposing to your long-term partner. Yet, once you’ve popped the question and they’ve said yes, what happens next? Well, luckily we’ve done our research and we’re here to fill you in on what you can look forward to next (aside from your wedding day that is).


Awkward questions

From, “Ooh, babies next!” to “will I be your bridesmaid/best man?’, you can expect to encounter a lot of awkward and annoying questions leading up to your marriage. There’s no real way of avoiding these (unless you hide under a rock for the next 12 months) but there is a way of dealing with it. Maybe prepare a polite but unrevealing answer, or simply laugh it off – just make sure you have someone to vent to about it afterwards!


Meet the family

In many cases, this will be the first time your family will meet your fiancé’s, so it’s likely to be a special occasion for all. A great way to break the ice is with a fun evening out, such as a Mediaeval Banquet, or Murder Mystery night. Not only will you all get to know each other better over dinner, you’ll also get to have fun witnessing mediaeval merriment and killer sleuthing.


So, when’s it happening?

Although it might sound daunting at the minute, it’s a good idea to set out a rough date of when you’d like to get married. This doesn’t mean you have to book it straight away, but it’ll allow you time to plan ahead without any last-minute dramas. Just think, most venues fill up fast (with an average waiting list of 1-2 year). Thankfully, here at Coombe Abbey we offer Late Availability Weddings, which are perfect for those of you running a little behind schedule!


Dress drama

From diet madness to finding ‘the one’, women go through a new kind of hell when finding the perfect dress for their big day. Our advice? Don’t stress so much – we can almost guarantee that you’ll look amazing at your wedding, so just enjoy it. Afterall, it’s a real treat to try on so many beautiful dresses whilst sipping champagne in places like Quello Bride. Plus, for even more inspiration, why not book a visit to our wedding fayre, on 19th February (between 1-4pm) or our wedding open evening on 22nd February (between 6-8pm). 


Are you feeling more prepared for your upcoming nuptials? If not, remember that many of our wedding packages also include a wedding coordinator, which is perfect if the awkward questions and meeting the family get in the way of your planning.

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