Have you discovered Coombe Abbey? Our beautiful historical hotel is set in the heart of Warwickshire amidst beautiful countryside and with a fascinating history that echoes throughout the hotel and grounds.

Historical Abbey

The Abbey itself dates back to 1150 and during the 12th century, long before the historical hotel it is today, it was the largest and most influential monastery in Warwickshire, known as the ‘Abbey of Cumbe’.

After a long and varied history, where it passed from the hands of the monks (after the dissolution of the monasteries in 1539) to King Henry VIII, the Abbey was purchased by Sir John Harrington in 1581.

Cumbe and the Gunpowder Plot

Harrington was close friends with King James 1 and he was given charge of his daughter Princess Elizabeth at the Abbey, where she was educated and brought up in the safety of the Shire for a time. Although, her time at the Abbey was marred by Guy Fawkes’ ‘gunpowder, treason and plot’ plan to kidnap the Princess and put her on the throne following her father’s attempted assassination. Of course the plan was foiled, but the story of this treacherous plot lives on at the Abbey.

Home to the Craven family

Coombe Abbey we know and love today began to flourish under the Craven family, who acquired the estate in 1622, and it remained in the family for an impressive 300 years. The Craven family developed the Abbey, adding various buildings and employing Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown to redesign the surrounding gardens and land that form the beautiful Coombe Country Park today.

Capabilities of nature

Brown was a famous British landscape architect at the time, nicknamed ‘Capability’ as he loved to assess the capabilities of nature. His conversion of our historical hotel’s 17th century park into a new style ‘landscaped park’ (between 1771 and 1776) was a first in design for its time and the beauty of his creation can still be seen throughout Coombe’s grounds today.

Take a stroll through our 500 acre estate and marvel at the sheer scale of his design. Don’t forget to pass by Smite Brook, which he damned to form the beautifully-shaped Coombe Pool, which now supports a fishery with 140 pegs whilst elegantly and naturally stretching out west from the Abbey buildings.

Transported back to mediaeval times

The rich history of Coombe can also be seen within the Abbey itself, as well as the various buildings surrounding it. Step inside and feel yourself transported back to mediaeval times when lords and ladies enjoyed staying at our historical hotel. From the sumptuous reception area to the quirky bedchambers with unique and comfortable features such as four-poster beds, Victorian roll top baths and stunning views, a stay at Coombe Abbey is unique as it is restful.

For a truly historical hotel stay, visit us today. We welcome visitors to stay, dine or simply stroll through our gardens. Of course there’s also all of the various activities we have on offer, from Go Ape to fishing, bird watching to pond dipping, duck feeding to pottery making, as well as multiple children’s play areas for the little ones to enjoy.

Whatever your reason is for visiting us, we can assure you of a magical time steeped in history here at Coombe Abbey Hotel and Gardens.