Springtime flowers at Coombe Abbey Country Park are in full bloom! After the recent snap of cold weather, we’re delighted that our diverse and beautiful range of flowers have bloomed, filling Coombe Abbey Country Park with so much colour and delightful scent.

A visit to see the springtime flowers at Coombe Abbey Country Park is a must now that the days are longer, warmer and brighter. Perfect for both adults and children, the park has so much to offer and it’s a lovely day out for both Coombe Abbey visitors and hotel guests, especially if you take the time to explore and soak up the sunshine. Why not even bring your camera and take a few spring flower snaps? Oh, and when bellies start to rumble, make a stop for freshly cooked food! We have something for everyone, from light bites to a la carte – it’s the perfect end to a sunny day out admiring the springtime flowers at Coombe Abbey Country Park. We’re very proud of our various awards for quality and excellence, including conversation, visitor experience and Green Flag. Our wonderful array of flowers add the perfect finishing touch to our 500 acres of beautiful gardens, woodland and lakeside walks. Wherever you walk, you’ll see splashes of colour from the carefully planted flowers, chosen and designed to fit perfectly with the landscape. Which ones are your favourite? Here’s a few beautiful choices to look out for when you visit:

Daffodils (Narcissus)


When you think of springtime flowers, what’s the first flower that comes to mind? For us, it’s Daffodils, which is why our gardeners always take the time to fill Coombe Abbey Country Park and the grounds of the hotel with these exceptionally vibrant flowers with their happy yellow shade. They’re easy to spot of course, but take a closer look on your stroll and you’ll discover they come in all shapes and sizes with varying shades of colour too!



These wonderfully vivid springtime flowers at Coombe Abbey Country Park feature glossy green leaves and come in deep shades of purple, blue, pink or white and you’ll even find an unusual shade of peach within the grounds of the hotel and the country park.

Foxglove (Digitalis)


For a truly stunning wildflower, seek out the foxglove in our hedgerows dotted throughout the park. Another defining feature of foxglove is that their sugar-rich nectar attracts bumblebees and honey bees. Take a look as they collect the pollen and if you can, snap a picture or two!



Close to the ponds and woods, standing tall and proud next to buttercups and daisies are our carefully planted poppies. Rich not only in colour but in history, they’re an important addition to our collection of springtime flowers at Coombe Abbey Country Park. You may even spot a dash of red amongst the hay in our neighbouring farm fields!

Spot the springtime flowers in Coventry and Warwickshire

We hope to see you visiting and admiring the springtime flowers at Coombe Abbey Country Park very soon! If we’ve inspired you to seek out more places to visit the beautiful springtime flowers, we recommend paying Packwood House in Warwickshire a visit which intermingles herbaceous borders, wildflower meadows and a beautiful orchard for stunning strolls for all the family. Or, if you would like to see an amazing variety of daffodils, visit the Dr Tom Memorial Garden at Coughton Court which was created to celebrate his award winning work with daffodils. Dr Tom was affectionately known as the ‘Dean of Daffodils’ and the garden features more than 2,000 daffodils from twenty of Dr Tom’s different varieties (he bred an astonishing 50 plus cultivars in his lifetime).

A trip to seek out springtime flower spots really is such a wonderful day out for everyone – just don’t forget your camera! We would love to see your snaps at Coombe Abbey – you can share your favourites on our Facebook page.