With so many historical sites and tourist attractions in Coventry and Warwickshire just waiting to be discovered, a stay at Coombe Abbey in particular is the perfect setting for exploring.

With award winning food, spectacular rooms and stunning grounds, you’ll feel fully rested and ready for a day of exploring our top picks of historical sites and tourist attractions in Coventry and Warwickshire when you stay with us here at Coombe Abbey Hotel. Whether you’re with the family, on a walking tour of the city or looking for some lovely places to eat, we have some great suggestions for you. Which one will you visit first?

The Godiva Clock

godiva clock coventry

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Adults and children alike always love to stop and stare when Lady Godiva comes out of her clock, with Peeping Tom popping out above her, on the hour, every hour. But, did you know you can also do a behind the scenes tour of the clock on Saturday and Sunday? You can follow this with a look in the Civic Centre 2’s underground crypt… as long as any children you have with you don’t get too scared! For Godiva clock tours, congregate at the Godiva statue on Saturday or Sunday at the following times: 10.45am, 11.45am, 1.45pm and 2.45pm. No booking required – excludes Christmas Day.

Coventry Cathedral

coventry cathedral

A visit to Coventry Cathedral is a must for all the family! Walking in the ruins of the old Cathedral is incredibly moving as you’re standing on ground that was bombed so heavily during the 1940 Coventry blitz, that the inner part of the Cathedral was destroyed. The outer walls remain in place, and many believe it is a symbol of hope, forgiveness, peace and reconciliation. The ‘new’ Cathedral is also a must see – a stunning example of 20th century architecture, described on the Cathedral’s website as a ‘dynamic centre of worship and mission’, it contains a phenomenal range of art, sculptures and so much more, including one of the world’s largest modern tapestries that features Christ in Glory in the Tetramorph. For more information on this top historical site and tourist attraction in Coventry and Warwickshire, please visit their website.

St Mary’s Guildhall

st marys guildhall coventry

One of the best surviving examples of a mediaeval Guildhall, St Mary’s Guildhall is worth a visit. Tucked away in the city’s historic Cathedral Quarter, this is a free experience and the chance to view stunning mediaeval interiors and breath-taking artworks. For tourists, visiting takes place during the ‘main season’ but schools and groups can visit outside the set times if pre-arranged. For more information on how to arrange a visit, please go to the St Mary’s Guildhall website.

Ford’s Hospital

old fords hospital coventry

Ford Hospital is a fine example of an Almshouse and it was built in the early 1520s. As an Almshouse, this Tudor building housed several families. During the blitz in 1940 it was hit and the matron at the time as well as her assistant and six residents, were killed. After the Second World War ended, it remained a ruin until 1953 when it was renovated, restored and reopened at as flat-lets.

Lunt Roman Fort

lunt roman fort coventry

As an archaeological site of a Roman fort, the Lunt Roman Fort is located in the Warwickshire village of Baginton. Fully excavated and with a main gatehouse reconstructed using the same tools and techniques that would have been used by engineers of the Roman Army, it is a sight to behold and is open to the public during school holidays when events may also take place. For more information on dates, times and charges, please visit the Lunt Roman Fort website.

Whitefriars Monastery

old whitefriars hospital coventry and warwickshire

Off the beaten track of the regular Coventry and Warwickshire tourist attractions. Whitefriars Monastery is a little gem of history that’s worth a visit as it features the delicately surviving fragments of a Carmelite friary founded back in 1342. Even Queen Elizabeth 1 stayed there in 1565, famously lecturing the people of Coventry about religion from her balcony window… Although it only opens to the public once a year for Open Heritage Days, you can walk around the Monastery and past the Whitefriars Gatehouse (located in Much Park Street) that used to be home to a lovely little toy museum between 1973 and 2007.

We hope you have enjoyed our top picks of great historical sites and tourist attractions in Coventry and Warwickshire but remember there is so much more too including our own Coombe Country Park with over 500 acres of beautiful gardens, lakeside walks, woodland and the opportunity to bird watch as well as children’s trails and regular craft events. So, don’t forget to make the most of your visit to Coombe Abbey Hotel whilst you’re here and book a room to extend your stay with us in Coventry and Warwickshire!