If you’re looking for the perfect location that’ll allow you to indulge in your passion for history, then a break in Warwickshire is a must. Steeped in culture and history, there are many historical attractions in Warwickshire that are bound to capture not only your attention, but your imagination too. So pack up your bags, book a room with us and start your journey of historical discovery with our top picks.

Warwick Castle

Located just off the M40, Warwick Castle is a stunning example of history in Warwickshire. Thanks to thousands being invested into its restoration, the castle has stood the test of time and is a great place to explore during your time away. Whilst there, you can look forward to wandering through the ruins and enjoying panoramic views of the grounds from Caesar’s Tower, which stands at an impressive 44.8m.  Plus, if you’re with your family, you can get lost in the Horrible Histories Maze and even explore the castle’s dungeon – well, if you’re brave enough that is.

Shakespeare’s Birthplace

Whether you’re a fan of William Shakespeare’s work or not, a trip to Stratford-upon-Avon is a truly fascinating place that’s bound to excite you. To get a real taste of the town’s history, a visit to Shakespeare’s Birthplace is a must. During your time there, you’ll be able to explore rare artefacts and listen to talks about his early family life by costumed actors. Plus, there’s currently a wonderful exhibition, Famous Beyond Words, which features his first ever folio – a real treat for theatre-goers and literacy fans. If you’re hungry for more Shakespeare after your visit, be sure to explore Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, Mary Arden’s Farm and the beautiful Hall’s Croft.

Kenilworth Castle

The second of Warwickshire’s enchanting castles, Kenilworth is one that will really capture your imagination. Explore the spectacular ruins, and climb the great tower, as you imagine what life would’ve been like during the castle’s mediaeval and Tudor past. After taking in the historical nature of the castle, be sure to wander through the picturesque Privy Garden, where colourful flowers and emerald bushes brighten up the area surrounding the crumpled bricks and mortar.

Rugby School Museum

Rugby might just be a small town, but it’s a place steeped in history – especially when it comes to Rugby School. Home of the game, rugby football, a visit to the museum will allow you to explore various artefacts and displays from both the sport and school’s past. A real highlight of your visit will be the tour of the school,where you’ll get to admire the beautiful stained glass windows inside the main chapel, and past etchings from school children who’ve walked the corridors of the Big School for over 200 years. The star of the show, though, is the library, which you must scale winding steps to reach. Inside you’ll be treated to hundreds and hundreds of ancient books that have been stacked right up to the ceiling – you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re in Hogwarts!

Coombe Abbey

Let’s not forget our own hotel, which is rich with history. From our 12th century beginnings as a monastery, to King Henry VIII’s appropriation, Guy Fawke’s foiled kidnapping plans and the Craven family – there’s so much that can be learnt from wandering the grounds of Coombe Abbey. So take a moment to enjoy the architecture, admire the flora of the gardens and enjoy a mediaeval-themed banquet in The Abbeygate. Want to learn more? Visit our brand new website’s history page where you’ll be taken on a guided tour of the hotel’s past.

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