Scenic Helicopter Tours


Perfect as a gift, treat someone special to this unique flight experience for a day they’ll never forget!

Whether you’re planning a romantic proposal to surprise your loved one or want to treat dad for Father’s Day, our scenic helicopter tours will not disappoint!

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New for 2020!

Departing from Coombe Abbey, feel like a celebrity as you sit back and take in the stunning Warwickshire countryside views with our 10 or 20 minute helicopter ride. You’ll begin with a safety briefing before taking to the skies for an exhilarating flight experience as you enjoy the sights from a birds-eye view.

Dates available 2020:

31 May
21 June
18 July
22 August
6 September 2020

10 minute – £89.00 per person
20 minute  – £169.00 per person

Please note, Turweston Helicopters hold the rights to cancel any day/flights due to adverse weather (rain, low cloud, fog, high wind +25 knots) or mechanical related issues. If cancellation occurs, an additional date shall be allotted and the customers informed. All flights require 4 seats taken, please note your flight experience may be shared with others.

Find out more information about Turweston Helicopters here

Please call 02476 430 539 to find out more information and to book.



Terms & Conditions - Turweston Helicopters


These conditions apply to all chartering of aircraft and/or services from HELIHUB Limited to the exclusions of all other terms, conditions, warranties, and representations, except any specifically agreed between the parties in writing.


In these Conditions the following expressions shall have the following meanings:-

The Carrier – HELIHUB Limited
Trading as Turweston Helicopters.

The Charterer – any person, firm or body corporate chartering, or offering to charter, any aircraft from the Carrier.
The Aircraft – any aircraft that is the subject of a charter agreement between the Carrier and the Charterer.

The Flight Schedule – the place of departure, place of destination and any stopping points, together with any indications of departure and arrival times, agreed between the Carrier and the Charterer.

The Agreement – Any agreement between the Carrier and the Charterer for the charter of aircraft from the Carrier.


The Carrier shall provide for the Charterer’s use the Aircraft, manned and equipped for the performance of the Flight Schedule. The carrier shall provide no services during flight.


If the Aircraft shall for any reason (whether before or after the commencement of the Flight Schedule) become incapable of undertaking or continuing all or part of the Flight Schedule the Carrier may as its discretion substitute therefore one or more aircraft of the same or another type and the provisions of the Agreement shall apply mutates mutandes to the substituted aircraft. If the Carrier does not substitute another aircraft it shall not be under any liability to the Charterer and the Charterer shall remain liable to pay for that part of the Flight Schedule (if any) that has been performed at the time Aircraft becomes so incapable.


The Captain of the Aircraft shall have absolute discretion:

  1. (a)  to refuse any passenger(s), baggage, cargo orany part thereof
  2. (b)  to decide what load may be carried on theAircraft and how it shall be distributed.
  3. (c)  to decide whether and when a flight may be safely undertaken and where the Aircraft shouldbe landed.


(a) Subject as otherwise provided in these Conditions loading and unloading of any Aircraft shall be at the expense of the Carrier

(b) The Charterer shall ensure that any goods to be transported are sufficiently and properly packed for carriage and shall supply adequate dunnage and tie-down material taking into account all



The Carrier shall be entitled at its own discretion and without compensation to the Charterer to use any part of the carrying capacity of the Aircraft unused by the Charterer, except by means of the carriage of additional passengers, and to use any part of the Flight Schedule unused by the Charterer.


The Charterer shall pay the Carrier the charter price and subject as otherwise herein provided the Charterer shall not be responsible for any other expenses of or in connection with the Aircraft or the Flight Schedule. For the purpose of this clause time shall be of the essence of this Agreement and if non- payment becomes due shall entitle the Carrier to suspend or cancel the Flight Schedule without liability and without prejudice to the Carrier’s right to claim from the Charterer the monies remaining unpaid.


(a) If the Charterer shall delay in making any payment to the Carrier when due, interest on the amount overdue will be payable at 2% above the base rate of the NatWest Bank plc per month or part of a month, compounded monthly.

(b) We reserve the right to pass all overdue accounts to a third party recovery agency, their costs currently stand at 20 percent of total invoice value.

(c) On instructing our recovery agent invoices will attract a 3 percent interest rate above the bank rate per month from the date of invoice.


In the event of there being any increase beyond the control of the Carrier in the cost of the Carrier’s performing any of its obligations under the Agreement between the date of the Agreement and the completion of the Flight Schedule the Carrier may give written notice thereof to the Charterer and the amount payable by the Charterer shall be increased by the amount directly attributable to such increase incurred more than 7 days after receipt of such notice by the Charterer unless the Charterer has terminated the Agreement pursuant to clause 15 (c) hereof.


Unless expressly included the charter price does not include any taxes levies or charges assessed or imposed by any taxing or airport directly upon the execution or performance of this Agreement or the carriage, embarkation or disembarkation of passengers or the loading or unloading of baggage and/or goods all of which shall be paid by the Charterer on demand.


  1. (a)  If the performance of the flight is prevented or delayed by the Charterer or anyone acting on its behalf including (but not limited to) any passenger arriving later than 20 minutes before scheduled departure time the Carrier may at its discretion and without liability depart as scheduled or alternatively elect that demurrage shall run against the Charterer at a daily rate equivalent to TWO hours flying at the current charter rate for the Aircraft.
  2. (b)  In the event of non-performance or delay caused by actions of third parties, labour difficulties, force majeure (including but not limited to inclement weather) or technical breakdown or accident to the Aircraft or any part thereof or any machinery to be used in relation to the Aircraft the Carrier shall use its best endeavours to perform or continue the Flight Schedule but otherwise shall have no liability to the Charterer.
  3. (c)  The Charterer shall be liable to pay such portion of the charter price as shall be proportionate to that part of the Flight Schedule which has been performed together with all passengers expenses and any additional charges and expenses payable by the Charterer pursuant hereto.


If at the request of the Charterer the Aircraft is used by the Charterer otherwise than in accordance with the Flight Schedule the Charterer shall pay to the Carrier in respect of such use a sum calculated at the basic hourly rate applying to the Flight Schedule which sum shall be notified by a duly authorised officer or employee of the Carrier and shall thereupon become due and payable together with all fees and charges imposed by law in respect of each flight including without prejudice to the generally of the foregoing landing fees hangarage fees parking fees air navigation fees ground service and handling fees customs fees airport surcharges accommodation meals and refreshment charges and all pilot and crew expenses thereby incurred.


The Carrier shall use all reasonable endeavours to complete the Flight Schedule but shall be entitled without liability to depart from the Flight Schedule if necessary in its opinion and any additional expenses (including the fees and charges referred to in clause 1.2 hereof) shall be borne by the Charterer.


If for any reason the Aircraft is diverted from any airfield or destination shown in the Flight Schedule to another airfield the journey to the said airfield of destination shall be deemed to be complete when the Aircraft arrives at the other airfield.


Subject to the provisions of clauses 1.6 and 1.7 hereof either party may terminate the Agreement by giving written notice to the other:
(a) at any time before the time specified for the commencement of the first journey set out in the Flight Schedule or

(b) at any time if the other party commits and act of bankruptcy or becomes insolvent or enters into any arrangement or composition with its creditors or being any individual dies or being a partnership is dissolved or being a corporation passes a resolution for or has a petition presented for winding up (otherwise than for the purpose of merger or re-construction only) or

(c) in the case of the Charterer only giving to the Carrier written notice of termination within 7 days of receipt by it of notice of increase from the Carrier as referred to in clause 9 hereof.


If the agreement is terminated by the Carrier:-
(a) pursuant to clause 1.5(a) hereof then the Charterer shall not be liable to pay the charter price and the Carrier shall be under no further liability to the Charterer by reason of such termination or
(b) pursuant to clause 1.5(b) hereof then the Charterer shall be liable to pay the appropriate cancellation charges referred to in clause 1.8 together with such portion of the charter price as shall be proportionate to that part of the Flight Schedule which has been performed and additional charges and expenses payable by the Charterer pursuant hereto and the Carrier shall be under no further or other liability to the Charterer by reason of such terminating.


If the Agreement is terminated by the Charterer:-
(a) pursuant to clause 1.5(a) hereof then the Charterer shall be liable to pay to the Carrier the appropriate cancellation charge referred to in clause 1.8 and
(b) pursuant to clauses 1.5(a) and 1.5(b) hereof then the Charterer shall be liable to pay such portion of the charter price as shall be proportionate to that part of the Flight Schedule which has been performed together with any additional charges and expenses payable by the Charterer pursuant hereto.

(c) pursuant to clause 1.5(c) hereof then the Charterer shall be liable to pay such portion of the charter price and charges and expenses as aforesaid.


Special tours and/or shorter flights* are non- refundable, unless cancelled by the carrier, due to force majeure; ie inclement weather, technical issues or for any other unforeseeable reason. In such an event, flights will be re-scheduled by the carrier and only when this is not feasible for the flight to be re- scheduled monies will be refunded less any administration or fixed costs that may occur.

* A shorter flight, returning to the departure point of origin, where a ticket is purchased.

Terms & Conditions - Coombe Abbey Hotel

Public event booking terms and conditions

Important: The Terms & Conditions that hereby follow shall be communicated by the person making the booking to all those persons on whose behalf the booking is being made. Bookings are only accepted on the condition that these Terms & Conditions are deemed to have been communicated to all such persons prior to making the booking irrespective of whether or not they have been so communicated.

Please note all public events are non-refundable and non-transferable. Any public events that are booked with bedrooms require a £50.00 per person deposit which is non-refundable and non-transferable.

NOTE: No servant of the Company (Coombe Abbey Park Ltd) has any authority to vary these terms & conditions at any time.

THE PRICE: Whilst the Company will do everything in its power to hold prices for as long a Period as possible, it reserves the right to increase the cost of a Banquet/Murder Mystery/Themed Dinner ticket at any time when economic conditions warrant. If payment is paid in full no price increase will be levied. The price ruling at the date of the booking will be inclusive of VAT (Value Added Tax) at the current rate.

VALUE ADDED TAX: Any variation in the standard rate of VAT which comes into force will be applied to all bookings (from the applicable date) where a balance is still due to the Company and will be leviable at the payment date.

DRESS & BEHAVIOUR: In the interest and enjoyment of other guests the management reserves the right to refuse entry, or to eject any person or party whose behaviour, language or attire is likely to cause offence. It is the party leaders responsibility to make sure that all guests in their party wear a reasonable standard of smart casual attire. Denim and training shoes are not appropriate.


A) Balance Payments – The customer is required to pay the full amount at the time of booking. Payments can not be made on the night of the function.

B) Cancellation -The Company also reserves the right to cancel the staging of an event at any time at its discretion without being liable to the customer for any loss or liability howsoever arising out of such cancellation. In the event of cancellation by the Company, the Company shall either refund the customers money or arrange for the booking to be transferred to an available night at the customer’s preference.

C) Refunds – If a customer is unable to attend a function no refund shall be given by the Company. If a function is cancelled by the Company then details as per sub-paragraph C will pertain.

VISITORS PROPERTY: The Company regrets that it cannot accept liability for loss or damage to visitors property.

VISITORS VEHICLES: Vehicles parked at the Company premises are left at the owners risk and the Company cannot accept liability for any losses incurred or damage sustained howsoever arising which occurs at or on the Company premises.

PAYMENT: Payment can be made by the following:

MasterCard/Visa/American Express/Maestro

RECEIPTS: VAT Receipts for monies paid will only be sent upon request.

MISCELLANEOUS: No food or beverage of any kind are permitted to be brought into the Hotel by the client or guests.

The Hotel shall not be liable for any failure to provide contracted facilities in the event of its being prevented from doing so as a result of fire, storm, flood, disturbances, riot, industrial action or any other causes beyond its control.

Flight Times

        Check in, Briefing           Take off          Land back        Package
& Photo

                 10:30                               11:00                11:10              10 Minutes

                 10:42                               11:15                 11:25              10 Minutes

                 10:56                               11:30                11:40              10 Minutes

                 11:06                               11:45                 11:50              10 Minutes

                11:18                                12:00                12:10              10 Minutes


                11:45                                 12:20                12:40             20 Minutes

                11:30                                12:45                 12:55              10 Minutes

                12:30                               13:00                 13:10              10 Minutes

                12:45                               13:15                  13:25              10 Minutes

                13:00                              13:30                  13:40             10 Minutes

                13:15                               13:45                  13:50              5 Minutes

                13:25                              13:55                  14:00              5 Minutes


                14:00                              14:30                 14:50              20 Minutes

                14:25                               14:55                 15:05              10 Minutes

                14:40                               15:10                 15:20             10 Minutes

                14:55                                15:25               15:35               10 Minutes

                15:10                                15:40               15:50               10 Minutes


                 15:30                               16:00              16:20                20 Minutes

                 15:55                               16:25               16:35                10 Minutes

                 16:10                               16:40              16:40                10 Minutes

                 16:15                                16:45              16:50                10 Minutes

                16:25                                16:55               17:05                10 Minutes

                16:40                               17:10               17:20                10 Minutes

                16:55                                17:25               17:35                10 Minute


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