The peak wedding season may be passing by for another year at Coombe Abbey, but like many others who have had to postpone, cancel, or reduce the number of guests at their weddings thanks to the impact of COVID19, weekday nuptials have become increasingly popular. 

Although a weekday wedding may not have been your first choice, there are many underrated benefits of a mid-week celebration. We’ve put together all of the important factors to enlighten you on why weekday weddings at Coombe Abbey are well worth considering. 

The picture perfect venue

weekday weddings at Coombe Abbey

Laura and Owen Murray, taken by @lakesandlightphotography

Every wedding starts with a beautiful venue that perfectly captures the happiness of the day, and plays a huge part in creating a celebration that you and your guests will never forget. From the gorgeous scenery for photography, the delicious wedding breakfast, and the stunning reception to see the night through, the venue is at the heart of the wedding day. 

With 550 acres of gorgeous gardens and breathtaking views in an isolated setting, Coombe Abbey makes your countryside dream a reality. Our hotel, a haven of calm and beauty steeped in ancient history and 12th-century architecture, is the ideal setting for a wedding.

More chance of securing your dream date

weekday weddings

Laura and Owen Murray, taken by @lakesandlightphotography

When compared to a weekend ceremony, a weekday wedding at Coombe Abbey provides more opportunities. As bookings are typically made a couple of years in advance, there are greater chances of obtaining what you want so your dream day can come to fruition. Weekday weddings can deliver the most essential parts of your day without the risk of being booked up, from selecting your favourite supplier to finding availability for the hospitality you desire.

With less activity in and around the park on a weekday, your wedding day will be charmingly intimate with close friends and family.

Greater choice of suppliers

Weekday weddings at Coombe Abbey allow you to have more freedom when it comes to choosing your suppliers. As demand is lower during the week, there is the greater possibility of keeping every detail of your dream day without the added cost. 

A price reduction 

Weekend weddings are unsurprisingly more expensive than weekday weddings. This financial savings on the venue and all other areas of the wedding planning allows you to add extra wedding touches like fireworks or money to your honeymoon fund, making your day extra special.

Savings for your guests too 

To make the most of your weekday wedding at Coombe Abbey, our fabulous hotel offers a comfortable selection of rooms ideal for your guests to retreat to after a night of celebrations. There is more availability for rooms throughout the week, as well as the all-important lower rate – the perfect incentive for guests to book time off work.

A wider range of packages

Wedding table

Photography: @lakesandlightphotography

All of our packages are available for weekday weddings at Coombe Abbey to help you have the day of your dreams. Depending on your needs and, most importantly, your budget, we have a specialised team to guide you through all of your options, from our variety of wedding rooms and interior decor to meal menus and floral arrangements from our skilled in-house florist.

We understand how important your wedding day is, so whether you truly understand what you want or you need some help deciding, we can help you realise your dream. We make your day exactly how you want it.

Make it a weekday wedding to remember

There are so many reasons to choose a weekday wedding. We hope this has inspired you to explore our special offers, inspiration, and accommodation to help you plan the most spectacular day with loved ones.

For a truly wonderful wedding at Coombe Abbey, contact for more information, or submit an enquiry.