If there’s one thing we know how to do well, it’s afternoon tea. From setting the scene in our charming, Warwickshire-based Garden Room Restaurant, to brewing the most refreshing cups of tea for our beloved customers, we love everything about afternoon tea. To celebrate this truly British tradition, we’ve put together a list of the three afternoon tea essentials every party needs. So what are you waiting for? Dust off your teapot, and crack open the Champers – it’s time to celebrate summer.

Quality British Tea

The clue is in the name; a great afternoon tea is nothing without a quality, British tea to accompany the delicious treats. And no afternoon tea would be complete without proper, pot-brewed tea poured into cups and saucers. Served with lashings of ice cold milk, cubes of glittering sugar, or slices of lemon for those who prefer Earl Grey, tea is the pièce de résistance of this afternoon treat. Oh, but let’s not forget the fizz and pop of Champagne, something we couldn’t do without here at Coombe Abbey Hotel.

Delicate Sandwiches

From slices of cucumber layered between freshly baked, white bread, to tender pieces of chicken breast, smothered in a tarragon sauce, you can be really creative when entertaining an afternoon tea. After all, we should know, we’ve been hosting them for a fair few years now.   On our current menus, we offer an irresistible range of savoury bites, including mouthwatering British pork pies (for our Gentleman’s Tea) and hummus and baby spinach sandwiches – truly delightful.  

Delicious Sweets

For those of you with a sweet tooth, the real delights come once the sandwiches and savouries have been gobbled up. From vanilla-infused scones, that are smothered with thick, clotted cream and spoonfuls of local jam, to intricately decorated cakes and pastries that are full of flavour – afternoon tea provides even the most dessert-loving fiend the opportunity to overindulge.   With our Warwickshire afternoon tea, you can look forward to potted flat peach melba, a classic British summer fruit tartlet with vanilla crème pâtissière and scones with elderflower jam, a preserve that works as the perfect accompaniment to those warm summer evenings.

Ready for afternoon tea?

Whether you decide to give afternoon tea a try in your own home, or wish to be waited on by our delightful staff, it really is one of those British traditions that is best enjoyed in the summer months. So go on, get your best outfit ready and let’s enjoy the long, sunny afternoons August has to offer.